veröffentlicht am 08. June 2015

Cologne Hawaii-Special

The Carglass® Cologne Triathlon Weekend is approaching slowly but surely. For those who would like to do the long distance Cologne 226, but are not sure if their athletic ability is good enough, we have the perfect solution – the Cologne Hawaii Special! The Cologne Hawaii Special includes a 3.8km long swim and a 180 km long cycling course. But the running course is much shorter! Instead of 42.2km, you run only 14 km.

This is the perfect solution for those whose preparations for the long distance are going well, except for the running not really going as wished. The combination of long distance with a shortened run is also the perfect chance for athletes who have already conquered more long distance races, but whose “movement equipment” ( knees, back, hips....) makes problems.

Of course there are several other differences to the long distance. The “Cologne Hawaii Special” starts at 8:30 (the long distance at 7:00).  Those who participate in the Cologne Hawaii Special must also mind the special cut-off. The swimming and cycling must be finished by 17:00 (after 8 1/2 hours). Then there is one lap (14km) of the running course through downtown Cologne, along the Rhine and over the bridge. Included of course are the circular staircase and the finish with a view of the Cologne Cathedral.