veröffentlicht am 02. May 2015

Test packages from our new nutrition partner taxofit® SPORT

So that you can healthily go to your limit.

Come to your best time with more energy.

taxofit® SPORT offers premium sport products, with which you can help your body achieve its performance potential. Reach your goals, by supplying your body in the best possible way with fluids, energy, minerals and electrolytes. With easily digestible, “clean products” which have been tested for doping substances. So that you can do healthy sports.

High quality 2 layer carbohydrate combination for maximal energy supplies for the muscles: dextrose plus fructose for fast power, maltodextrin for power-plus.

Ideal mineral supplies with all five minerals / electrolytes which you lose by sweating.

Scientifically proven effectiveness to maintain the endurance performance and for the optimal intake of fluids.

Easy to digest drinks, without lactose, gluten, artificial aromas or colors, and preservatives.

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