veröffentlicht am 02. May 2015

Rheinauhafen Triathlon Köln in cooperation with the ASV Köln

(from left to right)
Stefan Fischer - Head of the triathlon department ASV Köln
Uwe Jeschke - President Jeschke & Friends Veranstaltungsservice
Melanie Gaf - Chief Operating Officer Jeschke & Friends Veranstaltungsservice
Prof. Dr. Walter Bungard - President ASV Köln
Lars Meyer - Managing director ASV Köln

Triathlon is trend sport, and the ASV Köln has known that for years. Their triathlon section has about 120 members, making it one of the largest. No wonder, since it offers such optimal training conditions like its own running track and the city forest to run in, the performance center of the Sport School for swimming, and of course the nearby Voreifel for cycling and the ASV’s weight room for general athletic training. All good reasons to engage even more in this sport.

We look forward to the cooperation with the ASV Köln , with whose name we will communicate the Rheinauhafen Triathlon Köln in the future .