veröffentlicht am 08. June 2015

DKMS - new title sponsor of the Rheinauhafen Triathlon Köln

Three weeks before the third running of the Rheinauhafen Triathlon Köln on June 27 and 28, we would like to announce the new title sponsor of the Rheinauhaufen Triathlon Köln – the DKMS. The event will now be known as the “DKMS Rheinauhafen Triathlon Köln in co-operation with the ASV Köln.

We are going in a new direction with the DKMS. For the first time, we have given the title sponsorship of one of our events at no cost to a non-profit organization. We consider the DKMS’ work to be worth supporting and are happy that we can use our event to help with this positive work. If our event can help to publicize leukemia, find new stem cell donors or mobilize donations for the DKMS, then that would be a great success.

The DKMS tries to help leukemia patients, who may otherwise die.  All over the world. For many patients, the only chance for a cure is to receive healthy stem cells from a suitable donor. Finding a donor and matching them to a recipient is the life-saving work of the non-profit organization DKMS.  The costs for registering new donors is not paid for by the public health system, and each new donor registration costs the DKMS 50 Euros. The DKMS urgently needs your support for the live-saving finding of new donors as well as in the important research in the fight against leukemia.