veröffentlicht am 25. January 2016

The winners of the Willpower.Races. Cup 2015

Better late than never! Herewith we would like to present you the winners of the Willpower.Races.Cup 2015.

We cordially congratulate the participants to these great sport performances and hope to welcome them on our events in the next few years!

The award ceremony took place on the 15.01.2016 at our Head Office for a comfortable get-together with a tasty buffet and some drinks. At this point, we would like to thank the participants for the beautiful evening!

1. Place -
Christian Otto
2. Place -
Andreas Hüren
3. Place -
Boris Salewska
4. Place -
Harald Molitor
1. Place -
Diana Emberger
2. Place -
Angelika Schütte