veröffentlicht am 03. February 2015

Participants' shirts and medals

In the past we have gone to a lot of trouble to offer good-looking, high-quality finishers’ t-shirts for all distances at all our triathlons. As you can imagine, the shirts are not exactly cheap. And that just makes it hard for us to hear from a not-too-small number of triathletes something like “I only use finisher t-shirts to clean my bike.” However, we do know that there are many other athletes who are happy to have the finisher t-shirt and value them. In the future, however, the t-shirts will no longer be included in the price. When you register, you can choose whether you would like to have a finisher t-shirt or not.

If you register by the end of February 2015 for any of our triathlons, you will have the shirt included! So if the shirt is important to you and you don’t want to pay extra for it, then register by the end of February. As of March 1, the participant shirt will cost € 15,-.

Another change involves the medals. These will continue to be covered by the starting fees, however we have decided to also offer the high-quality medals of the long and middle distances to the shorter distances. This will not involve any additional costs to you.


Many greetings from your Willpower.Races.-Team