veröffentlicht am 09. December 2014

Willpower.Races. Club 100 - new members

Today we would like to introduce our first two members of the Willpower.Races. Club 100: ETL Röger & Johannes, tax advisors in Cologne, and Jorge Sports.

ETL Röger & Johannes, tax advisors in Cologne

This practice offers not only classic tax advice, but also other services including bookkeeping, balances and tax advice, payroll and business economic advice. In addition, ETL Röger & Johannes offers special solutions for various branches, such as health professionals, hotels and gastronomy, and franchise systems.

Christoph Röger is himself an enthusiastic triathlete and takes part in many competitions, including our Willpower.Races. races.

Further information can be found at the homepage

Jorge Sports, Mallorca/Cologne

Jorge Sports is based on Mallorca and offers various services, including personal training, sport camps, sport travel and nutrition seminars. All of the offers combine fun with exercise.

The owner of Jorge Sports, Jörg Birkel, is an active triathlete and enjoys starting all the distances. The important thing is that it is fun and the competition must be well organized. Jorge Sports is also responsible for our Willpower.Races. training camps which have always been most satisfactory.

Further information can be found at homepage.

We would like to thank our first memebers of the Willpower.Races. Club 100 and look forward to our future co-operation.

Still not a member of the Willpower.Races. Club 100??

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