Cologne Triathlon Weekend

The first september weekend is devoted to the triathlon! Our multi-distances event is with c.a 4000 participants the second largest triathlon in germany. Due to the large selection of distances everybody from top athletes to beginners will find his suitable one.  A familiar atmosphere on friday and saturday at the Fühlinger lake and elite sports on sunday in the cologne city centre are waiting for you!

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31. August - 02. September 2018



Cologne 226: 3,8km - 180km - 42,2km

Cologne Hawaii - Special: 3,8 km - 180 km - 14 km

Cologne 226half: 1,9km - 90km - 21,1km

Cologne Olympic: 1,5km - 40km - 10km

Cologne Smart: 0,7km - 24km - 7km

Cologne 226 extreme+: 0,7+3,8km - 24+180km - 7+42,2km

Cologne 226half extreme: 0,7+1,9km - 24+90km - 7+21,1km

Cologne Kids: Kids-& pupil triathlon



Swim: Fühlinger lake

bike and run: Fühlinger lake and cologne city centre